31 October 2021

Microneedling: what collagen bioinduction consists of and what it’s for

What is microneedling?

Microneedling, also called dermaneedling, is a dermal stimulation treatment that aids the skin’s natural regeneration process. Thanks to its minimal invasiveness and the excellent results it can achieve if performed by trained professionals, the treatment is becoming increasingly widespread.

How microneedling works

To understand what microneedling consists of, we first need to understand our skin and how it works.
The skin is divided into three layers called epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. It is subject to a constant process of cellular regeneration: new cells are produced by the innermost layers and ascend towards the superficial ones.
However, over the years and due to factors such as pollution, poor nutrition or lack of hydration, this renewal process tends to slow down.

Dermaneedling uses special needles to create micro perforations in the epidermis, with the aim of pushing the skin to react by producing collagen.
Thanks to this treatment, cell regeneration increases and the skin therefore appears more toned, compact and luminous.

The Rita Molinaro Clinita Care protocol for collagen bioinduction

Dermaneedling is a highly effective treatment, useful not only for stimulating cell renewal in case of imperfections due to aging such as small wrinkles, but also to act on scars, acne marks, stretch marks or skin spots.
The micro perforations enable you to prepare the skin to receive active ingredients and functional substances, so using the right products is key to obtaining the best possible result.
In the Rita Molinaro cosmeceutical line Clinita Care you can therefore find creams, serums and masks specifically designed for microneedling and capable of maximizing its effectiveness, in addition to a dermaroller with surgical steel needles useful for continuing treatment at home.

Contact us for more information on the Clinita Care catalog, or visit our Dermaneedling course page if you would like to offer your clients an innovative and effective treatment: Clinita Collagen Bioinduction Course