22 October 2021

Dermopigmentation course:
how to become a professional in the sector

For those who want to take their first steps into the world of dermopigmentation, one of the first things to do is to identify the right training courses to attend. The field of dermopigmentation has been growing for several years, but to start a business and become a professional in the sector, you need to choose the right partner to turn to.

Dermopigmentation: what it is and how it works

Dermopigmentation is a procedure that introduces colored pigments into the dermis, with an aesthetic or medical purpose.
This practice includes microblading and what is commonly referred to as “permanent make-up” for lips, eyebrows and eyelids for eyeliner. SIt can be done manually (like microblading) but to obtain the best results with the most modern techniques, a mechanical tool called a dermograph (handpiece) is needed.

Dermopigmentation course: how to get started

For those who want to pursue a career in dermopigmentation, Rita Molinaro has created a training course called “Basic course – The fundamentals”. The first module focuses on the eyebrows, with a course in which you can learn all the basics on the dermograph (handpiece), needles, colors, health and hygiene rules and informed consent, up to the creating a design and the different dermopigmentation techniques.
The second module focuses on permanent lip make-up while the third and last one teaches students how to tattoo the eyeliner line.
On the pages dedicated to the individual modules you will find the complete program and the calendar with the next scheduled dates for the basic dermopigmentation course:

The fundamentals: eyebrow dermopigmentation course
The fundamentals: lip dermopigmentation course
The fundamentals: eyeliner dermopigmentation course

Why choose Rita Molinaro for your dermopigmentation course

Rita Molinaro has always offered professional training in a world where an improvised approach is unfortunately common: our courses are based on protocols and methodologies approved by national health companies and are taught by EQF certified teachers.
The certificates issued at the end of each course have a legal value recognized throughout Europe.
Unlike other academies, we continue to monitor our participants at the end of the training course with an ongoing tutoring service. For the first three months after the master, we provide the subscription functions of our MyClinita app free of charge, including a direct and dedicated chat service with teachers where you can obtain ongoing support.
Choose only the best for your training with Rita Molinaro’s dermopigmentation course, visit the Courses section or contact us for more information.
The training protocols are the result of more than 30 years of teaching to make learning easier so students can immediately put into practice what has been learned, in complete safety for the customer and the operator.