05 February 2021

New scientific publication
on nipple areola tattoos

A new scientific publication confirms: nipple areola tattoos are good for the psyche of women affected by breast disease; but hospitals today lack dermopigmentation staff.

A new scientific publication, published in December 2020 in the Annals of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), reports the data collected on 169 patientsaffected by breast disease and undergoing (post-surgery) reconstruction via tattooing of the areola and nipple. This sheds new light on the need to find specialized dermopigmentation staff in public health facilities, to enrich the treatment service currently offered after mastectomy or partial breast removal.

There are scars that mark the end of a bad experience, while there are other scars that often start a long and painful healing process and that can hide key traits of femininity forever.

Between 2010 and 2016, 169 patients treated for breast cancer underwent dermopigmentation treatments (medical tattoo used as a complementary technique in the reconstruction of the areola and nipple) in the Treviso hospital thanks to a project carried out in collaboration with the local section of the Italian League Against Cancer (LILT).

This is what emerges from the article “Dermopigmentation of the nipple-areola complex in a dedicated breast cancer center, following the Treviso Hospital (Italy) LILT model” published in December 2020 in the Annals of the National Institute of Health (ISS).

From the data, it emerges that of the 169 patients, treated in a total of 309 sessions, 90% expressed a high level of satisfaction with the aesthetic results, considering the treatment very useful and beneficial.
The results of the study show that dermopigmentation of the areola-nipple complex is a safe approach that provides concrete benefits to patients.

Rita Molinaro, dermopigmenter, make-up artist and product manager in the cosmetic field, as well as one of the authors of the scientific article in question, has committed her life to the recognition of oncological dermopigmentation for women affected by breast disease.
For over 15 years, she has been collaborating with associations such as LILT and ANDOS, giving conferences and university lectures in Italy and abroad, and treating over 1,000 cancer patients.

Tattoo or dermopigmentation for medical purposes is a non-surgical, simple and safe technique that is also and above all good for the psyche of women”, says Rita Molinaro, who continues, “I jealously guard the hundreds of messages of happiness and sincere gratitude from the women I have treated.”

Press release of January 30th, 2021