Rita Molinaro

Rita Molinaro has been a dermopigmenter since 1995, as well as a make-up artist and a product manager in the cosmetics sector. She has collaborated with the Breast Unit at the Ca’ Focello hospital, Healthcare District 2 and Lilt (Italian League Against Cancer) section of Treviso, since 2007. She has also worked with Santa Maria degli Angeli hospital in Pordenone and Spilimbergo since 2016 and with the Aviano oncology referral center since 2017.
She has created a working method based on multidisciplinarity to fully protect the patient, carrying out her work using a protocol of procedures and innovative materials.
Since 1986 she has been a teacher in cosmetic disciplines. She later developed specific training techniques in cosmetic dermopigmentation and reconstructive dermopigmentation.

Rita Molinaro loves to define dermopigmentation as an art that requires rigor, science and soul.


Art is a passion that guides and inspires. Being aware of the plasticity of the face in its entirety is key: it is the movement of the muscles and the expressions that make us unique.
Together, the elements characterizing everyone’s personal beauty must form a harmonious whole.
“The whole is much more than the sum of its parts” (Gelstat).
Her philosophy has two pillars: naturalness and uniqueness.
Her career as a make-up artist began in 1987 and developed in fashion and training for important cosmetic companies in Europe, the United States, China and Canada.

She has won the make-up and body painting world championships several times.


The application of dermopigmentation and permanent make-up cannot ignore strict hygiene protocols for the maximum safety of the people who entrust their skin and face to them.

Rita Molinaro is a teacher for the Veneto region in health qualifications courses for professionals in the field of Tattoos and Permanent Make-Up.
She is a member of the ECTP (WCTP World Congress on Tattoos and Pigment Research), a European scientific organization for research on tattoo safety.
She has been a speaker at numerous medical scientific conferences: with Isplad (international-Italian Society of Plastic-Regenerative and Oncology Dermatology) of the Ondico, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Sime (Italian Society of Cosmetic Medecine) to name just a few.
She teaches at the University of Ferrara on the Formest specialization course in the Pharmacy Faculty.
Fedetemp Vice President and President
She works in a sterile environment with innovative pigments that are sterile, single-dose, stable and certified.
She also applies the exclusive Clinita method to immunosuppressed people (in collaboration with medical staff) without any complications.


Her research is constant and ongoing to always offer the best, from make-up, to drawing, to the theory and plasticity of color, to pharmacological chemistry, and above all in listening to the user’s needs: expectations and results must be clear and applicable to enhance individual beauty in a personal way.

Numerous scientific publications and contributions including an important study on nearly 300 patients with 5 years follow-up published on the portal of the Ministry of Health.

She has contributed to the drafting of numerous books relating to permanent makeup tattooing, reconstructive dermopigmentation and related complications.


Led by the passion for her work, she has created a hygienic procedural protocol for the dermopigmentation treatment of cancer patients, with the collaboration of the Treviso Italian League Against Cancer and the multidisciplinary group of the Treviso Breast Unit.

Such collaboration resulted in the creation of a dedicated training course.

Tattooing an eyebrow arch missing due to chemotherapy, recreating harmony after an accident or a chromatic intervention, making a person smile … in absolute safety, giving the gift of a smile is good for the soul.

Rita Molinaro was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Rome in 2013 as part of the scientific event “The Woman and Her Breasts” for her lifetime of research and commitment to the recognition of oncological dermopigmentation affecting women with breast disease.

Her dedication to people affected by cancer disease has always manifested itself in social commitment: she dedicates a lot of time to carrying out her profession in voluntary associations, such as Lilt Andos, Quadrifoglio Rosa and Avapo.


Dermopigmentation consists of the deposition of pigment particles inside the skin using disposable sterile needles, in order to improve its appearance, enhance characteristics, correct aesthetic imperfections, or recreate missing pigmented parts and restore integrity.


Awards and training

Awarded the career award “walking in beauty 2013” at Roma International Estetica, for the following reason: “for the profound dedication and commitment of her life to the dissemination and official recognition of oncological microdermopigmentation as concerns the suffering and dignity of every woman affected by breast cancer “.