Aesthetic and reconstructive

Dermopigmentation consists of the deposition of pigment particles inside the skin using disposable sterile needles, in order to improve its appearance.

The field of application of dermopigmentation is wide, from the well-known permanent make-up to the various possibilities for correcting the outcomes of trauma or pathologies.

Dichromic outcomes from burns or acids, road traffic accidents, scars, vitiligo, alopecia, cleft lip, skin grafts, post-mastectomy reconstructions and everything that can be solved with a good optical effect, comparable to trompe l’oeil.

The professional’s level of training must cover many areas, not only the design and artistic aspect (which includes diverse morphological and cultural needs) but also hygiene and communication with the medical world to ensure the customer’s health is fully protected, while always recalling the ethical standards to which the profession adheres. 

Generally, the desired result is obtained in two sessions, performed at least 8 weeks apart. 

The type of design and color are selected by the operator and the user in agreement, it being understood that, depending on the skin type, reaction, sunlight exposure, medications taken, and subsequent exfoliating or traumatizing applications, there may be slight variations in tone.
Persistence also varies from individual to individual: complete disappearance is rare, while retouching is usually required to maintain the brightness of the result. 

The colors used must be non-toxic, hypoallergenic, sterile, and meet all the requisites of European legislation (reach). It is the consumer’s right to request all the necessary information on the operational protocols, equipment, and training of the chosen professional.

For his/her part, the consumer has a duty to inform the operator of any existing pathologies and medications taken that could affect the result.

Awards and training

Awarded the career award “walking in beauty 2013” at Roma International Estetica, for the following reason: “for the profound dedication and commitment of her life to the dissemination and official recognition of oncological microdermopigmentation as concerns the suffering and dignity of every woman affected by breast cancer “.