Professional awards and training


Awarded the career award “walking in beauty 2013” at Roma International Estetica, for the following reason: “for the profound dedication and commitment of her life to the dissemination and official recognition of oncological microdermopigmentation as concerns the suffering and dignity of every woman affected by breast cancer “.

World Championships of artistic make-up, body painting and special effects

4 gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

National Championships

2 gold medals in the “body paintong artistic make-up and special effects” category.

Professional training

Over the years Rita Molinaro has never stopped deepening her personal and professional knowledge, monitoring the the latest and most varied techniques from international artists and professionals. 
Her extracurricular and life experiences intersect in a process of continuous enrichment, becoming into new insights and ideas for her company and her studio.
She defines herself as curious about life and people, with their infinite facets.
Her training is not limited to this field but is multidisciplinary, thanks to her multiple interests. It ranges from psychology to sociology, art and history, and is not lacking in leadership and motivational courses. But, as she often says, “Even horseriding has taught me a lot, by interacting with and respecting a being who thinks differently (the horse). Being aware that every small movement of the body produces a stimulus and can communicate and obtain different responses, and the importance of posture in dermoigmentation is crucial for setting goals. A horse can go in the wrong direction without the right touch; a ‘deaf’ hand doesn’t ‘hear’ the skin’s response”.
A serial learner, she never stops thinking and exploring things in greater depth. At the start of her career, she sought answers and collaboration with famous companies; their evasive answers led her to create Clinita, the now world-famous company of which she is president. 
When dreams have a reason behind them, they become a project, and for Rita the reason was huge.