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Dermopigmentation correction and camouflage course

Corrections and camouflage course

With the dermopigmentation corrections course, Rita Molinaro seeks to train professionals in the correction of imprecisely carried out dermopigmentation.

The ever-increasing percentage of jobs performed with little professionalism confronts us with the difficult task of giving the pleasure of looking at themselves again to people who carry imprecisely carried out work on their faces and live with the ensuing discomfort.

The professional must be aware of the various treatment options, and especially when to work in synergy with doctors to restore the pleasure of looking in the mirror and recognizing oneself.

Course program
  • Morphological analysis
  • Identification of points to emphasize
  • Identification of the pigmented area to be corrected
  • Evaluation of correction systems
  • Evaluation of intervention techniques
  • Analysis and execution of a case reported by the descendant
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